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Vespen is a complex world one built for a specific purpose long ago forgotten. Its planetary orbit would not be considered stable by ordinary methodology but steadily it holds its course. There are only a few known planetary objects many with myths, lore and legends associated with them.

Days of the week.

Dark-False Full Day-Day of Rain-True Full Day-Days of Orak-True Full day-Day of Rain-False Full Day-Dark

20 hours to a day. 10 days to a week 30 days a month 4 months to a season and three seasons to a rotation/spin/year.

Orak- The Sun of This system. Some have speculated that it has two sides others say that Velmar distorts the light of Orak but what is known is that it has two viable periods of light. One of a blue and one of a red hue. The blue spectrum of light causes ultraviolet/ethereal/ghostly creatures to become visible if under the blue hued light. while the red light makes seeing in the distance quite difficult as if everything on the horizian is covered in a fog. This gave rise to the terms True and False Days as many sights have been mistaken in the red haze and many a ghostly apperation or other oddity have been seen under the blue days of Orak.

Velmar- The Stormy Planet of the gods once said to have clear sky’s. The gods where angered by the second race and it is said that forever after its sky’s where filled with smoke and lightning. It is a seemingly huge world almost 20 to 30 times the size of Vespen. As it makes its way along its orbit of Orak it becomes parallel to Vespen eclipsing Vespen from the sun on a 10 day cycle. This eclipse lasts for 2 days or 40 hours of odd darkness, the many storms and lightning flashes visibly light the world and it is not totally dark. Some days Velmar’s storms are so active it can create a steady almost artificial glow to the landscape of Vespen and heat can be felt imitating from the storms.

Vespen- this is the main focus of the campaign as 99.999 of the living creatures can be found on this planet. One side constantly facing the sun somehow staying stable even with the forces applied by the weekly pull of Velmar. Giving rise to two very diverse sides of the globe. While unlike the other planets its non natural origins are more evident, the two most notable features are that of the great wall and of the great towers and that project from the globe and can easily been seen from space. The two towers that are seemingly a single stone pillar one mile wide extending 15+ miles out each side of the planet perfectly in line with the sun. A great wall divides the two half’s of the globe. Some legends say that the two half’s are spinning in opposite directions being pulled by two great warriors searching for each other never able to fulfill their vengeance.

Mariden- The great moon of life, and magic…. For both sides of the world the moon seemingly brings bountiful life, for the light sides main homelands would be nothing more then a desert without its weekly bringing of rain and to the dark side it empowers them with light and with untainted water. It seemingly comes to rest atop the towers in its weekly cycles but some speculate that is not the case.

Astrology, Lunar Cycles, Planetoidal Phases

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