Shield of the Ancients

One can only speculate what power this shield holds.


Shield of the ancients.

+5 large shield

Wielder gains resistance to physical attacks.

Wielder has advantage on saving throws vs spells.

Grants the wielder immunity from charm, sleep, polymorph, hold person, or any other spell effect that makes you lose control of your character.

Rather then attack (giving up any attacks/bonus attacks/etc) you can choose to bash a target for 2d6+str bonus, the target makes a dc 30/25/20/15/10 reflex save to stay on their feet. Failure means they are knocked back at least 5 feet and fall prone. This will automatic disrupt a casters concentration. This bash may also be used in reaction to an attempted grapple, but not as an attack of opportunity. medium/large/huge/colossal/gargantuan.

3 times a day it can encase the wielder in a shell of invulnerability. the shell lasts for 2d4 rounds and cannot be ended early. Communication/sight/sound/telepathy are cut off and the wielder waits in absolute silence. Durring this time he is healed for for a 1d6 per round he is stuck in the orb.


Shield of the Ancients

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