Grand Magus Evard Terasus

One of the elder mages of the Tower of Athens


Evard is a man of sturdy build and average musculature, with pale skin and at one time long dark hair but now grey in his advanced age. He wears rich clothing, often belted with a white sash, and a large purple gemstone hangs from his throat. He was known as a charming man with a ready grin, but in his elder years he is quite and stubborn rarely speaking up unless to scold you for your stupidity or your ignorance. Many question why his is allowed to remain in the tower let alone hold the position of Grand Magus.

Evard was originally a minor noble in the Ralden. He came to be a very successful broker of information, and many sages and loremasters send him knowledge in return for solving vexing questions of their own. If he doesn’t know something, someone in his network does. He is ambitious and cunning, and will readily betray his allies if it suits him.

Born a minor noble in Ralden, Evard has since become disgraced by his peers. He is possibly tied to an insurrection of necromancers in ‘ruined tower’ , which led to a harsh suppression of fringe groups and increased punishment for the crimes of treason and sedition. While utimatly he was not found guilty many know that it was his experiments that caused the down fall of the ruined tower. He has however never been seen to leave the tower after the ruling of his guilt and many believe it to be his punishment for his crimes.

In addition to the commonly known spell, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Evard has also developed the following spells:

Evard’s All-Seeing Worm
Evard’s Menacing Tentacles
Evard’s Great Summoning
Evard’s Last Stand

Evard is known to have authored the following works:
Legendry of Phantoms and Ghosts
Secrets of Shadow, and other lesser known Aberrations


Grand Magus Evard Terasus

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