Vespen - Dawn of a New Age

Dwarven Vault Puzzel

Durring thier adventures they found the evil group of necromancers and shadow worshipers. While they where unable to stop them as well as figure out the lesser vaults. This one proved to be a great challange that they may never overcome.

Dont feel like you need to solve this its just a bonus!


The Dwarven Encounter

Barren Garren Jarren all traveled to the great dwarven mines…. i will finish this later

The Gathering

Still needs to be edited but its something

The Arch Mage pondered over the ways he could react to the vision the oracle had received. It was his final decision that the people in the vision be sought out and summoned to the capital. While most agreed with his decision some of the grand mages where upset with him using the fate stone so recklessly. Many believe that it is unwise for one untrained in divination to use such a powerful object as its visions can be misunderstood. The king demanded that the Arch Mage make a decision in haste, the visions spoke of by the oracle had to be stoped at any cost.

It only took a short time for the tower to reach out with its many great magical objects and students of far sight to identify the travelers in the vision. Followers of Ralden the master of travels where quickly sent to greet them and summon them to the capital.

The two brothers agreed quickly enough, their time at the mine had been much to inactive to keep them interested for long and the opportunity to save the realm was any advetures dream. Being summoned by the Tower of Athens and the King of Calderia to defend the realm was a duty they felt righteous to follow. Lead by a follower of Ralden they left in travel to capital.

A Halfling thief was seen in the vision and the offer of goal and glory where enough to divert him from his path and he too quickly accepted and made his way with the help of the follower of Ralden to the great tower of Athens.

The follower of Ralden sent to the elder forest had some toubble transporting himself so deep in the forest but after a short fall he literly had the traveler from the vision fall in to him. After an akward moment and a brief hesitation the Druid he was sent to find decided to follow him and found that his strange story of her saving the realm was in fact true. After a short jounry from the forest they found themselves at their destitaion within the capital.

The human rogue who called himself a relic hunter was wary of the follower of Raldens summons and only after some convinceing did he reluctantly agree to travel to the capital.

As the party came togeather each in their own time to the tower of Athens the fate stone was prepared for them. The Arch Mage with some of his advisors spoke to the group and tried to explain why they had been summoned in such haste. The fate stone had givin visions of a great tragities, eternal winter, great floods, the skys filled with fire and only unchaging vision the grand oracal was able to see clearly was them gathered togeather as they where reaching out to touch the fate stone.

The Arch mage instructed them that the visions they recivved may well be tied to the fate of the realm and told the group that they should touch it as a group. After a moments hesitation each summoned member reached forward and touched the fate stone.

Each member received different visions but many of them saw similar events. They each saw themselves enter the grand value of the tower of Athens and after sharing what they saw with each other and before the arch mage could agreed to let them enter the vault the sliperly little Halfling rogue was already down the hall way opening the vault. He had seen how to unlock it in his vision and he was too excited by what he had seen inside to wait for them to discuss what was to come next.

The party followed him in after speaking with the arch mage about the dangers of entering the vault. After some missteps and some confusion they each found what they had seen in the visions with the fate stone. Each found a powerfull relic that they thought would help them in their adventure to come.

It was then that the arch mage asked them what their next move would be. Each had their own ideas of what to do and the Arch Mage in his wisdom asked the group who would be the leader of this party as he saw that someone needed to make a final decision as many tough calls would await them and delay and debate may not be possablie.

The paladin being a man of faith and honor steped up to this position and everyone agreed that he was the best suited to make the final call. It was then that he propsed that they headed to the dwarven mines from him and his brothers vision. They rested a short while and prepared themselves to start the next leg of their journey. It was during this time that the arch mage spoke to the leader and advised him to send someone to also check the barrier of dragons nest.

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